Red Panda is a Bay Area Treasure

I know you have heard of PANS and PANDAS by now, but have you heard of Red Panda? She is a Bay Area treasure! She was born in China and both her parents were acrobats. They chose her skill to learn at age 7: riding a unicycle while balancing bowls on her feet and flipping them onto her head. After 4 years of practice, she performed in public at age 11, and didn’t drop a single bowl! Here is her back story.

Red Panda Unicycle.jpg

Fast forward to now and she has been a popular halftime performer at NBA and college basketball games for the past 20+ years. She lives in San Francisco, and recently after having her unique custom unicycle stolen at SFO, the Golden State Warriors bought her a new one!


Incidentally, red pandas are a real thing and are super cute!