Altered pattern of brain connectivity development during youth linked to symptoms of depression and anxiety

Development of White Matter Microstructure and Intrinsic Functional Connectivity Between the Amygdala and Ventromedial Prefrontal Cortex: Associations With Anxiety and Depression

Maria Jalbrzikowskia, Bart Larsen, Michael N. Hallquistd, William Forana, Finnegan Calabroa, Beatriz Luna

Biological Psychiatry; 2017;82(7):511-522

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh analyzed brain imaging data from 246 youth, taken at up to three time points 15 months apart, and found that certain patterns of functional connectivity development between the prefrontal cortex and the amygdala are associated with higher levels of depressive and anxious symptoms.  These findings closely parallel similar findings in youth with and at high risk for bipolar disorder.  I was honored to be asked to provide a commentary in the journal on this important study:  the article and my commentary can be dowloaded for free for the next month by clicking here!